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Having built a successful accounting firm founded on an exclusive, referral-based clientele, Philip W. Minnaar, CPA, CA, has specialized in attaining the goals and dreams of dentists for over 25 years.

Phil has grown his company into one of the largest accounting firms focusing on dentistry practices in Ontario today.

“Dentists know when they come here we are going to be talking the same language. They don’t have to explain what dentistry is all about,” Phil explains. “We serve a pretty comprehensive package.

The most important thing is we understand the nuances around the industry. Most chartered accountant practices don’t.”

While Phil is a chartered accountant by profession, he doesn’t attribute his success to adding and subtracting numbers. It’s relationships that define his business model.

“When your business model is based on relationships, it can be difficult to distinguish between friends and clients,” Phil says. “Dentists are a tough customer. They demand attention, but they are a good customer. If you take good care of them, they reciprocate.”

Phil works with big and small practices, from fledgling graduates to successful chain owners, in all areas of the dental industry.

And when it comes to the complexities of evaluating, buying, selling or setting up new practices, Phil has an unparalleled track record.

“We often take on new clients who are on the opposite side in a purchase or sale because our approach impresses them so much,” Phil says.

Any accounting firm can offer core financial services, but Phil offers something unique – a commitment to a client’s future and a finger on the pulse of the dentistry profession.

“I will be a client’s financial quarterback. That means we deal with all aspects of their financial life,” Phil said. “The main focus is long-term planning, making sure our clients are thinking about their future.”


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